Shared Parental Leave Allocation (SPLAS)

The SPLAS is a declaration system located within the GPL Portal for eligible mothers to declare their intent to share their Adoption Leave for Mothers (AL) or Government-Paid Maternity Leave (GPML) with their spouse. Once the leave has been shared, and both mother and spouse’s employers have been notified, mother’s spouse can then consume the leave shared [i.e. Government-Paid Shared Parent Leave (SPL)].

Please refer to the AL section for questions on AL eligibility.

Please refer to the GPML section for questions on GPML eligibility.

Please refer to the SPL section for questions on SPL eligibility.

You may view this online demo on how to complete the online SPLAS declaration.

​'Viewing rights' in a SPLAS Declaration allows an applicant to determine the amount of information she wants to display when an enquiry is made for her SPLAS Declaration. If the applicant wants to keep certain information private, she can select the appropriate level of viewing rights in a SPLAS Declaration. The various levels are:

  • No viewing consent
  • Details of Father only
  • Details of Mother and Child only
  • Details of Father, Mother and Child (full consent)​

Yes, you may write in contactus@profamilyleave.gov.sg to request a change in the amount of information to be displayed for your SPLAS Declaration.

The SPLAS declaration is irrevocable.  The election can only be cancelled in certain circumstances. Please email contactus@profamilyleave.gov.sg if you wish to do so.

​​Under the “Enquiry” section of the eServices tab, select “Check Shared Parental Leave Allocation System (SPLAS) Declaration”. You can then use the search function to enquire about your SPLAS Declaration (up to 12 months old).  

Refer to our online demo​ for more information. 


Last Updated on: Monday, Nov 30, 2020 at 5:01 PM